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Lake Co. Past: Dec. 6


Lakes to be planted with black bass

Due to the persistent efforts of Mr. Leonard Stube, secretary of the Two Harbors Rod and Gun Club, Stewart Lake and Long Lake, near Highland, are to be liberally stocked with black bass. The Two Harbors club is to be congratulated on account of their successful negotiations in this case. This is the first time that the lakes in this territory have been stocked with black bass.


Big rock slide at Silver Cliff

A landslide estimated at 20,000 tons, completely shut off traffic on Hwy. 1 sometime early Monday morning. The avalanche was composed of huge boulders, which will have to be blasted in order to be removed. One huge boulder of nearly a thousand tons carried the massive rock embankment on the side of the road and hurdled into the lake where it extends three or four feet above the surface of the water at a depth of ten or fifteen feet. This is the third slide of consequence since the road on the embankment was completed. The highway department has been fortunate on each occasion that no vehicle or persons were in the path of the landslides.


Six share weekly prize in football contest

Six contestants will share in last week's $10 jackpot offered in the pick-the-winners contest. The first four contestants who call for their money at the Chronicle office will receive $1.67 each and the remaining two will receive $1.66. There's another $10 offered in this week's contest. Read the rules carefully, make your selections and you could very easily share in the jackpot.


Big Noise night spot is all quiet after morning fire

For the most part all is quiet at Big Noise, this site of many a whoop-de-do, burned to the ground early on Tuesday morning, Dec. 3. "Thank God we are alive," Ken Yates said. Yates, his wife Mary and daughter- in-law Roberta escaped the fire with only Roberta needing treatment for smoke inhalation, because a passer-by, Paul Jones, awoke the family by breaking a window. According to Yates, plans are already underway to build a "bigger and better" place this spring or summer.