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Creating Cairns on the North Shore

Created by Gail Murton, this cairn was created during a workshop led by Peter Juhl at Sugarloaf Beach last Saturday. Photo by Lauri Hohman

The Oxford Dictionary defines a cairn as " a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline," but this weekend, students in a workshop facilitated by Peter Juhl created a collection of cairns on the shores of Lake Superior at Sugarloaf Beach, over the weekend.

"Cairns are significant in different ways even going back to Stonehenge, but for most of the people doing it nowadays, it is just for the pure enjoyment of creating," said North Shore artist, Lauri Hohman, who participated in the class. "Each one is a new challenge and completing it gives you a thrill even when it falls. Of course, creating them on the shores of Lake Superior adds to the enjoyment even when it is cold & foggy." Hohman reported that the weather was a chilly 57 degrees when the group gathered for the event.

Juhl lives in the Twin Cities and is the author of "Center Of Gravity: A guide to the Practice of Rock Balancing." He was on the North Shore for the weekend workshop and will return to the northland on August 17-18 for Arts at Bayfront in Duluth.