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Speaker to share perspectives on Israel and Palestine

Isabella resident Steve Johnson says his heart is in Palestine and with the Palestinian people. Johnson, whose travels - both professional and personal - have taken him all over the world, has made three trips to the war-torn region and he will be sharing his observations at the Two Harbors Public Library June 17, 6:30-8:30 p.m. His presentation is entitled, "Palestinian Faces and Israeli Oppression."

Johnson said his aim is call attention to a side of the ongoing conflict that Americans seldom see -the impact of ever increasing economic, military and territorial pressure imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people.

"The news media in the U.S. has not educated us," said Johnson, but witnessing the day to day struggles of Palestinian people forced off their lands and out of their homes was an eye opener for him.

Johnson recognizes that his views may be somewhat controversial, but he is eager to start a discussion about the issue.

"We often times are just talking to friends and preaching to the choir. That doesn't change things," he said, and that's the reason for his self-sponsored gathering at the library. He is looking forward to sharing his photographs, experiences and answering questions.

"I'm a friendly guy and I want to keep a positive atmosphere," he said, and he'd like to let people know about local efforts to support change in the Middle East.