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Raising the dough for Lindsey

Lindsey Woods, husband Chuck, daughters Anna and Emily and son Chase. Submitted1 / 2
The Woods family when they lived in Two Harbors. Submitted2 / 2

Friends and family of Lindsey Woods have one goal in mind -- to ensure that the 30-year-old mother of three is around to see her kids grow up. Lindsay has chronic pancreatitis, a disease that has caused calcification of her pancreas and almost constant pain, said her mother, Cheryl Sundstrom.

Woods, who lived in Two Harbors for about a year and now lives in a Dallas suburb with her husband, Chuck, and their children -- Anna, 9, Emily, 7, and one-year old Chase, has a team of doctors ready to perform the life-saving surgery she needs, said Sundstrom. However, her team won't schedule the procedure until Lindsey has arranged for care during the extended recovery period -- a costly proposition.

"Part of the fund raising is because (Lindsey's doctors) require her to have 24/7 care after the surgery since she has children under five," said Sundstrom, adding that her daughter's condition continues to deteriorate in the interim. "She needed that surgery yesterday."

The surgery, pioneered at the University of Minnesota, calls for the transplant of functional portions of Lindsey's pancreas into her liver. The diseased remainder of her pancreas will be removed and the liver will perform a dual function, said Sundstrom. The longer she has to wait, however, the less of her pancreas remains viable for transplant.

Lindsey has been trying to raise funds on her webpage:, but Sundstrom said donations haven't been coming in as they had hoped.

In an effort to help, family members in Michigan have planned a community garage sale. A group of Tupperware and Pampered Chef distributors in Texas have agreed to give a portion of their proceeds to the cause, and in Two Harbors, Marita and Luke Klevgaard offered to hold a fundraiser at their restaurant, Northshore Pizza Cafe on Seventh Avenue, where Sundstrom's son, Chip, works after school and on weekends.

"We're a family. We're a family run business and what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. When one hurts, we all hurt," said Marita Klevgaard.

So from Valentine's Day through Feb. 16, the couple will be donating $2 for each 14-16" heart-shaped "Peppy Lindsey" pizza sold. On Feb. 16, they will set aside 20 percent of all pizza sales. Chip has been working on his pizza making skills for the occasion.

"It can be a little tricky to get the actual dip of the heart," he said.

Whatever its resemblance to a traditional valentine, the homemade crust and sauce, and the pepperoni and cheese are sure to win the hearts of pizza enthusiasts. Those with a sweet tooth can take home dessert with their Peppy Lindsey, too. Among many offerings are raspberry turnovers, double chocolate cookies with a hint of sea salt and moose lumps -- confections made from coconut, walnuts, three kinds of chocolate and "whatever else the moose ate that day," quipped Marita. There's also coffee, Bridgeman's ice cream, sandwiches and salads, wifi, a gift shop and off-street parking.

In addition to pepperoni pizza preparation, on Feb. 16 Chip will also be providing entertainment for pie purchasers. He and members if his band, Common Ground, will play an acoustic set during the evening. The trio that also includes Dan O'Neil and Dennis Pearson say their musical influences range from Blue October to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Fray.

Marita Klevgaard said they haven't set a financial goal for the fundraiser, but every penny helps. Cheryl agreed.