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White wolf sighting

Drawing by Austin Lemke.

A father-son hunting trip took an unexpected turn last Sunday when Chris and Austin Lemke encountered more than just the grouse they were hoping to find.

The two were hunting just outside of Two Harbors when they realized they hadn't seen their dog, Ellie, in a while. They started calling her name and heard a "horrible bark." Then, Ellie shot out of the woods in front of them, followed closely by what appeared to be another dog, said Chris Lemke.

When the second animal spotted the Lemkes, it stopped and turned towards them before disappearing into the woods. Chris got a good enough look at the animal to tell it was a white wolf.

While they didn't bag any grouse, he said, they returned home unscarred with Ellie intact and Anthony, 8, still had a memorable experience. He drew this picture of the incident.