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Lake County Past Spotlight: A Bit of Norway

Vintage postcard.


Prospector finds pay dirt

There are prospectors and prospectors, and the old axiom that "Things equal to the same or equal things are equal to each other" applies to all kinds of prospectors. If you are prospecting for delectable things to tickle the palate which usually cost the equivalent of gold you have found gold.

And so in the hills just before you reach Beaver Bay on the north shore you find "A Bit of Norway" which is "pay dirt" to the gourmet.

Once you have entered "A Bit of Norway" you are confronted with what the Scandinavians call Smorgasbord. In plain English, that is a table laden with so many good things you don't know where to start. But a stack of plates and silverware indicates that there is the starting place and you begin to load your plate. You take a sparse helping of deviled eggs, potato salad, then comes dainty imported sardines, a spiced ham in gelatin, and then come cheeses and sad to say your plate is full before you are a third way around the table. You are sorry you didn't wait to choose some of the things which look even more tempting as you pass around to be seated at your table where you are served coffee.

The pile melts away on your plate and the little woman bustles around to make sure you are pleased, and if you are too polite to continue your prospecting, she insists you must try some of the other Scandinavian dainties all over again, and when you stomach has been distended to the point of rending your belt, you can go home and tell your friends that you have been to a "Bit of Norway" and you know your Smorgasbord.