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Finland Cook off challenge results are in

Students enrolled in a cooking class at the Clair Nelson Center in Finland recently participated in an Ultimate Cook off Challenge. First place winners were Chrystal Larson and Gunnar Frahm. Two other teams tied for a respectable second place finish. (R-L) Trevor Larson, Chrystal Larson, Gunner Frahm, Lane Greer, Oliver Robertson, Al Robertson

Ken Vogel

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In October the Lake County News-Chronicle reported about the cooking classes being offered to Finland teens at the Clair Nelson Center. The newly minted culinary wizards have completed the class, which culminated in a competition they dubbed the “Ultimate Cook off Challenge” and the results are in.

Students were divided into three groups, each responsible for preparing a dish of their choosing. The judging panel consisted of Nancy Olson, Kathy Nelson, Honor Schauland and Stan Greer.

The objective of the class was to teach cooking safety, proper food preparation and, of course, meal preparation. Apparently classroom instruction was well done, as it was difficult for the judges to determine a winner.

“We were really pleased with how well the class went. During the Ultimate Cook off Challenge the kids showed us all the skills they learned during the three weeks of classes; using their knives correctly, practicing proper sanitation procedures and utilizing their menu reading and measuring skills,” said Clair Nelson Center Kitchen Manager Marc Smith.

The final determination of the judging panel put the team of Chrystal Larson and Gunner Frahm in first place with their entrée of orange glazed chicken over rice. It was decided that the other two teams had also done an excellent job, creating a tie for second place. After being named winner, Chrystal Larson summed up her experience.

“The main thing we learned was how to use utensils safely and how to be aware of sanitizing,” she said, “the best part was the cook off. I would tell anyone that has the chance to take the course if it is offered again.”