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Lake Co. Past: May 2


Steel steamer on Fisherman’s Point rocks

After running nearly all Monday night and up to 10 o’clock Tuesday morning in as dense a bank of fog as was ever encountered on Lake Superior, the steel steamer America ran on the rocks at Fisherman’s Point between Burlington and Flood Bays, followed within about thirty minutes by the steamer General Orlando M. Poe.

The steamer America has been trading along the North Shore between Duluth and Port Arthur for a number of years, and usually runs fairly close to the land. It seems evident that the captain was lead off his course in the long continuous fog, by the magnetic attraction always present along the North Shore.

Within about thirty minutes after the grounding of the America, fog signals being sounded by the Poe were immediately replied with a danger signal by the America which was heard by the crew of the Poe. It is reported that the America’s captain thought the vessel sounding the fog signals was bound down the lakes, and he therefore signaled the crew on the Poe to “port” their wheel which would have thrown the Poe further out into the lake if bound down. The trouble seems to have arisen on account of the Poe being bound up the lake, and when the signal was obeyed by the wheelsman, the Poe was turned onto the point and ran on the rocks within fifty feet of the America.

The panic stricken passengers were taken off the America and brought to Two Harbors by the tug Edna G, there being about forty on board in addition to the captain and crew. The Poe was released by the tug Torrent and brought to Two Harbors.


Tennis courts open

New nets have been provided for the municipal tennis courts at the John A. Johnson School and D., M. & I.R. Employees’ Association clubhouse which were open for play last week.

First boats here Friday

The steamers Sherwin and Preseus will arrive Friday to load ore. The next boats will not be due until sometime May 15-18.


City is scheduled for daylight time

Residents of Two Harbors will set their clocks an hour ahead at 2 a.m. Sunday, in accordance with a resolution passed Wednesday by the city council to go along with daylight time schedules adopted in Duluth and surrounding areas.

The time changes were made to be in accord with “fast time” which went into effect in neighboring Wisconsin.

Warns of Skunk Creek dangers to children

Parents of children were urged this week by the Lake County Safety Council to keep them away from Skunk Creek, which winds its way through Two Harbors, during the current high water period. In the past there have been several drownings and near misses along the stream.