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County will get obsolete cannon

The Commercial Club held a special meeting Monday evening for the purpose of taking formal action in regard to the donation to this community by the war department of the United States government of the obsolete eight inch rifle cannon which donation was made at the personal solicitation of Thomas Owens while at Fort Monroe, Virginia during the month of February. The meeting was well attended and many of those present took advantage of the opportunity given to express themselves in regard to the matter, and all who spoke were enthusiastic in their advocacy of having the club go on record as favoring the acceptance of the cannon by Lake County and the mounting of the same in the court house yard.


City honored in traffic contest

The city of Two Harbors today received honorable mention in its population group of the 1939 traffic safety contest of the Minnesota Safety Council. Winners were announced by A.V. Rohweder of Duluth, president of the council. This city had a 1938 death rate of 0 based on a 100,000 population. The city had no traffic deaths in 1938, compared to one in 1937. It competed among cities in group E, cities with population from 3,000 to 5,000. A certificate will be awarded the city at the council’s annual award presentation dinner April 11, in the hotel St. Paul, St. Paul. A delegation from the city will be invited to attend the dinner.


Survey of moose in area completed

The annual aerial winter moose census has been completed by the Division of Game and Fish with the cooperation of the U.S. Forest Service, and again reports indicate a healthy and increasing moose herd. A total of 828 moose were counted in 81 sample plots of 15 square miles each. The two sample areas consist of 6,100 square miles in the Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota and 2,700 square miles in the Red Lake area in the northwestern part of the state. The greatest increase in the moose population has again been in the Superior National Forest where a total of 551 moose were observed on 55 plots.


Council considering police force cut

Two Harbors city councilors are threatening to cut the police department’s budget if the department doesn’t change the way it schedules officers and reduce overtime. Since an officer resigned from the department in September, councilors have been debating about whether to hire a replacement. Meanwhile, the city’s remaining seven officers have been putting in overtime to fill shifts that would have been covered by the eighth officer. Mayor Wayne Sletten and some councilors have proposed scheduling changes designed to reduce the need for overtime. The schedule would require rotating shifts instead of the fixed schedules now used, said Council President Chet Bianco. Chief Robert Sandness has resisted the mayor’s and the council’s efforts to impose schedule changes on the department. “There’s heat between me and the mayor on this,” he said. Sandness said setting schedules and managing the department are his duties. “What am I here for?” he asked. Sandness said Tuesday that rotating schedules are bad for the health of officers. “It’s continuous jet lag,” he said.