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Lake County Past: Aug. 15


Summer coughs are dangerous

Summer colds are dangerous.  They indicate low vitality and often lead to serious throat and lung troubles, including consumption.  Dr. King’s New Discovery will relieve the cough or cold promptly and prevent complications.  It is soothing and antiseptic and makes you feel better at once.  Money back if not satisfied.  50c and $1.00 bottles at your druggist.


Building boom looms here

Negotiations are under way for a building program in Two Harbors which reflects the confidence investors have in the future of the city. 

One deal, if consummated, will provide a modern store and apartment building on the site of the old Marine market on First Avenue.  The building will cost approximately $30,000.  Another deal if carried out will provide Two Harbors with a hotel building on the corner of Seventh Avenue and State Road No. 2, which was formerly the site of the county garage.

Local grocery changes hands

Bernard McCormick, who has managed the meat department for the Hines Economy Market, purchased the business last week.  Mr. McCormick is running a contest designed to select a new name for the store.  W.C. Hines, former owner, has opened a night club on the outskirts of St. Cloud, Minn.

Top picture booked here

“Goodbye, Mr. Chips,” which is booked for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Harbor Theater, is one which a reviewer cannot write about with any restraint.  It takes but an hour to read the book, but in the two hours of the film version every minute is a minute of sheer delight.  It is a procession of memorable scenes and incidents, each an exquisite perfect thing in itself, and despite its length, you will be distressed when you find it has come to an end.  We label it with the five brightest, largest A’s we can find.


Highway 1 Constructors 4-H Club news

The meeting was called to order by our president, Betty Patterson.  The pledge of allegiance was said, followed by the 4-H Club pledge.  The dues were collected by our treasurer, Sylvia Tonnar.  The secretary’s report was given by our secretary, Fern Opsal.  Felicia Opsal gave a report on the activities of our 4-H Club.

A date was set for September 19 for a rummage sale and bake sale combined.  We decided to postpone leaning the roads until further on in the year.

We decided on a play called “Peanuts” for the talent show at the Fair.   A motion to donate 50c for paper plates and spoons to be purchased for Achievement Day was passed.  A demonstration was given by Jane Tonnar.  A very delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Patterson