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Lake County Past: June 11


Votes in favor of new town hall

The special election held in the Town of Silver Creek at which the question of whether or not the bonds of the town should be issued to the State of Minnesota in the sum of three thousand dollars resulted in the affirmative. The funds are to be used to defray the expense of building a new town hall. The old building was erected a number of years ago, and while it was sufficient for the anticipated needs of the town at the time it was built, it became entirely inadequate as the population of the town increased, and for a number of years it has been necessary to use the school house when any considerable gathering was held. This did not prove satisfactory, as the seats in the school house are not comfortable for grown people and are not conveniently located for social gatherings. The new hall will afford ample space for all the regular meetings, and will also serve as a social center and enable the people to better carry out their co-operative and club work, which is rapidly taking form in the farming districts.


New safety record set at Silver Bay

Two million consecutive man hours of work without an injury that kept a man away from his job! That is the new safety record established by the 400 members of the Mechanical Maintenance Department of Reserve Mining Company’s Silver Bay Division.

E.C. Lampman, manager of the Silver Bay Division, said this morning that the record was “remarkable, perhaps an all-time high for comparable maintenance organizations in the nation. The very nature of this department’s work - the wide variety of repair and replacements involving so many different skills in so many locations - makes this an outstanding and important accomplishment. It is the direct result of a good safety program and exceptional safety consciousness on the part of every supervisor and employee in the entire department.”

On two previous occasions the department has reached the one-million safe consecutive hour mark, which earned for them national safety honors.


Two Harbors gets $1.4 million

The House recently passed an appropriations bill containing $20,814 million for projects in Northeastern Minnesota, including $1.4 million for Two Harbors for operation and maintenance dredging for the harbor.