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Open House at the Commercial Club

A move is being made to have the Commercial Club rooms open two evenings each week as a place for men to spend their idle evenings. Now that the Commercial Club is very much alive and has secured a goodly number of new members and a large number of the older members have shown renewed interest, the suggestion has been made that the club be opened and warmed at least two evenings per week so that members would have a convenient place to drop in for friendly visits with the neighbors and to meet such of their associates as they desire to consult on matters of business, either public or private. During the winter months when there is very little amusement in the city, especially for grown men who have passed the age of attending dances and other similar entertainments, we believe a good, warm, comfortable reputable place where the members of the club could go or take their friends for a few hours visit with their neighbors and business associates would be highly appreciated.

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Answer found to market problem

W.C. Hines and Charles Wilkinson believe they have found an answer to the problem of marketing the herring catch on the North Shore in an experiment they have conducted in the manufacture of a highly delicious product made from filleted herring. Norwegian fish pudding made quite universally by Norwegian people, came to their attention through its being placed on the market locally by Mrs. Henry Schraa, who made a reputation for herself with her smorgasbord at her resort, “A Bit of Norway”, established near Beaver Bay early in 1938. The product won such approval with her customers that she placed it on sale in the Two Harbors stores. Hines and Wilkinson were so sold on the idea that they have been experimenting on its manufacture for several weeks. They believe they have solved the major problems in putting a very superior product on the market and are now selling about 300 pounds per week. It is being distributed -- in so far as their limited facilities are possible -- by the sausage trucks which make the Duluth territory. Herring brings not over 3 cents a pound in the wholesale market, but brings 35 cents a pound when transformed into pudding, takes a place beside Spam, a Hormel product which has been placed as a staple in the American home.


Starkovich will play Rule in college play

George Starkovich, junior from Silver Bay, has been selected to play the role of Mancini in St. Cloud State College’s production of “He Who Gets Slapped” next month. The four-act play is the last dramatic work of Lenoid Andreyev, Russian writer of the early 1900s. It was first performed in English in 1922 in New York.