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Lake Co. Past: Jan. 3


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The Two Harbors Hospital has received a quantity of typhoid vaccine points and Dr. Wagner is prepared to administer this preventive treatment.

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Leroy Pegelow and John Kernan of Two Harbors arrived here on Wednesday to spend a few days with Arthur Gow. The three young men will leave tomorrow for Minneapolis where they are enrolled as students at the state university.


Shops begin on five day week

A general feeling of optimism accompanied the restoration Tuesday of the five day week in the Two Harbors shops, with 86 men laid off in August restored to the payrolls. Although there is an agreement between the officials and representatives of the shopmen to spread the work in the event of a business recession before May 1, the general feeling of officials is there will be a nine million ton season on the D.M.&I.R. division in 1939.


Mr. 1964 takes a bow

Larry Joseph is the first baby born in 1964 at Lake View Memorial Hospital. He is the first child of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Muellerlielle of the Lake County Seat and was born at 6:43 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2.


Local duo does bang-up job in their symphonic debut

A couple of Two Harbors men made their debut with the Duluth-Superior Orchestra on New Year’s Eve. They were playing a 12 gauge shotgun. When the loud backstage booms punctuated the battle music from Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, it was the culmination of three week’s work and preparation for Noble Isley and Tom Koehler. “The hardest part was developing a load that wouldn’t fizzle,” Isley said. “I had to look through five books, which all gave formulas for making blanks, using non-existent materials.” Koehler came to the rescue with a supply of paper wads which he uses for his black powder shotgun. At the overture’s conclusion, which was the final number on the program, Koehler and Isley were invited onstage to take a bow with Taavo Virkhaus. Their attire – camouflage fatigues for Isley and wool pants and flannel shirt for Koehler — brought chuckles from the audience who also seemed to like Koehler’s cannon and mortar, used as props. Aside from the six tickets the men were given for their efforts, was it all worth it? “Was that first date worth it?” Koehler asked. Enough said.