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The warm glow of Julebyen remains

It’s a long paddle to Bethlehem! The kings, shepherd and angel from the Knife River Julebyen live nativity found a moment or two to play. Photo: Jim Allert. King: Nolan Anderson; King: AJ Mattson; Angel: Dani Mattson; Shepherd: Kaia Anderson

Knife River’s first annual Julebyen was last weekend and despite the cold, organizers say they’re still glowing from the warmth of community, holiday music, food and fun. News of the event reached Norway where a paper in Egersund published an article about the Christmas village built in a little town in America.

“Julebyen 2013 success was totally dependent on many volunteers, local media, business sponsors, Knife River Garden club, Knife River Lutheran Church and the entire community.

It was a magical Julebyen weekend,” said Carol Ojard Carlson, Julebyen committee chair. Planning for Julebyen 2014 will be underway soon.