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Lake County Past: Oct. 15

From Lake County newspaper archives.

100 years ago, 1910

A terrible calamity has befallen the northern part of the state during the past week. The towns of Spooner and Baudette on the Canadian Northern Railway as well as many other smaller towns have been wiped off the map by forest fires. Hundreds have lost their lives and thousands of others have lost everything they had to the fires. Mayor Knauff has called a mass meeting in this city for donations of clothing, supplies and money for those affected.

Typhoid rounds

There are 15 cases of typhoid fever at the Budd Hospital and there have been a number of news cases developed throughout the city during the past week. The epidemic appears to be growing worse instead of better.

75 years ago, 1935

Keen interest is being displayed in the coming mat show, the first to be staged in the new gym located in the basement under the post office where Arthur Sullivan has charge of the training the young boxers and Charles McMains the wrestlers. The show begins promptly at 8 o'clock and the customers will get their money's worth at the nominal admission charge and longevity of the program is a criterion. The age of the contestants ranges up from seven years. A number of ladies have tickets to the match where 300 seats are provided.

Big opera

"The Frolic of the Season" is the title of an operetta which is being presented by Mrs. Marvel Hayes at the Two Harbors High School on Nov. 1. 250 children will make up the cast, the largest ever presented in the school. The operetta is very colorful and includes rhythm bands, singing, interpreting rhythm, folk dances, and action is promised during every minute of the show.

Could have a V-8

Alfred Sonju, who attended the preview of the 1936 Ford V-8 in St. Paul, returned this morning elated with the latest Ford product which is being shown simultaneously in 36 branch cities. Body lines are streamlined, new interiors, and refined chassis are among the changes. Deluxe car panels include a 100 mph speedometer, trip mileage recorder, electric fuel and oil gauge, cigar lighter and tilting ash tray.

50 years ago, 1960

It's been a long time a'coming but it looks rather definite that Two Harbors will at long last have a modern post office building. Construction work began suddenly on Monday, much to the delight of the sidewalk superintendents, some of whom exclaimed they would not believe it until they could finally mail a letter there and others who felt that the reason behind the actual construction was that they had no other town left in which to put one.

Store celebration

Engstroms IGA store will celebrate its 21st anniversary in Two Harbors with a three-day sale. Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Les Engstrom, it has been at the location on Seventh Street for two years but Engstrom has been in the store business 44 years.

Want more history? The Lake County Historical Society is a good place to start. It's at the Depot in Two Harbors, 834-4898 or visit There's also the Bay Area Historical Society in Silver Bay, 226-4534; the Finland Minnesota Historical Society, 353-7380 or 353-7550; and the Historical Committee of the Isabella Community Council, 323-7644.