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North Shore Library News: Nov. 1

Paul Von Goertz will join the other Civil War re-enactors for a presentation at the Two Harbors Public Library Nov. 4. Submitted photo.

Silver Bay Public Library News

Dewey Decimal Primer, Part 2

• The 500's is the natural world and as such, it covers a lot. From math and chemistry to space, toads and flowers, it's all about the world around us. Learn equations, identify rocks, trees and constellations. Read about vanishing species on our fragile planet.

• Do you need a doctor, a diet and exercise? What's for dinner? How do you preserve wild berries?  How's the car running and the small equipment? Is the garden ready for winter and do you know what to plant next spring? Would this be a good time to get a cat or dog? What about a horse? What about allergies? I want a pet! The 600's are about the applied sciences.        

• The 700's are all about leisure time, arts and crafts, sports, games and fun. You would have to be pretty hard pressed to find something not to like about the 700's. It's got dance, music, photography, sports, jokes, riddles, cards and board games. Let's play!

• Or maybe we should go to a play? The 800's are where the great works of literature can be found. Perhaps you would enjoy a little Shakespeare or maybe something a bit more playful like Shel Silverstein. If you need the inspiring words of a great speech, some satire and humor, drama or love, the 800's will not disappoint you.

• So much is left to the 900's. Travel, biographies, history and historical events, genealogy, the United States, wars of all the nations. In the 900's we can live through the lives of others and still imagine that we have the capacity within ourselves to do everything under the Dewey.

Two Harbors Public Library News

Civil War Re-enactors

One hundred- fifty years ago, our nation was in the midst of a Civil War; interest in that war still continues to this day.  On Monday, Nov. 4, from 6:30- 8 p.m., three Civil War re-enactors will be at the Two Harbors Public Library.  Paul von Goertz, a local area resident, portrays a Union infantryman; Jason Grimm from Duluth is a Union Artilleryman; and Greg Stoewer from Esko is a Confederate infantryman/militia soldier.  Each one will talk about the person they represent and what it was like to serve in their respective armies. There will also be a video of an artillery re-enactment.  In addition, Tom Koehler will give a reading of the Gettysburg Address in honor of the 150th anniversary of the battlefield cemetery dedication by President Lincoln that captured so much of the hope and spirit of the United States.  

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