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North Shore Library News: August 30

The Two Harbors Public Library has reopened and now boasts new carpet. Some new furniture will be arriving soon.1 / 2
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Silver Bay Public Library News

It has been a busy year at the library. With the summer reading program just ended, a high tea, author programs, legacy programs, reading groups, live music, books sales and more, the cycle continues. Altogether we have had thirty different programs with 527 participants.

The summer reading program, Dig Into Reading, was a success! One-hundred and forty-nine children, from birth through sixth grade, participated in the program. 133 children completed the program by reading steadily throughout the summer. They read and logged 3,873 hours. With an 89 percent completion rate, that's sure to boost reading skills once school is back in session.

Eighteen teens completed the young adult portion of the reading program. Teens had the option of logging in the hours or number of pages they read. Of those who logged hours, a total of 1,305 hours were read. The number of pages read was 29,354. We are proud of our future readers and leaders.

September offers more opportunities for gathering, listening and enjoying personal time with two very different authors. Join local author and former William Kelley High teacher, Richard King, as he speaks about his novel, "When Maples Turn Red". Richard will be at the library Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. Another favorite, author William Kent Krueger, will return to the library on Sept. 30 at 6 p.m. Mr. Krueger's visit is sponsored in part by funds from a grant by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library. The grant was awarded to the Friends of the Silver Bay Public Library for their hosting of a Minnesota Book Award winner.

Two Harbors Public Library News

For those of you who have been wondering, yes, the library is open once again! All of our new carpeting is in, all of the new computers are up and running, and all of the upstairs fiction collection has been interfiled. We still have some work to go; for example, most of our new furniture has not yet arrived, and we still haven't raised enough funds to fix up our windows, but we are well on our way to a great new look. You can see pictures tracking the renovation's progress on the library's Facebook page and website.

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