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Library news: August 16

Silver Bay Public

Library News

Yes, you can, can... jam, jelly, dry, smoke, pickle and preserve this summer's bounty . At the library we have books to help you turn cucumbers into crunchy pickles, berries and fruits into delicious jellies and jams and vegetables into dried bases for wonderful winter soups. There are so many ways of preserving. Don't be stuck in a power outage this winter, knowing that this could have been the summer you put up those peaches. Here is just a sample of books to show you how to preserve the fortunes and flavors of summer.:

• Jam it, pickle It, cure it : and other cooking projects, by Karen Solomon

• Canning for a new generation : bold, fresh flavors for the modern pantry, by Liana Krissoff

• The art of canning (videorecording) Franklin Springs Family Media presentation

• Food drying with an attitude, by Mary T. Bell

• Well-preserved : recipes and techniques for putting up small batches of seasonal foods, by Eugenia Bone

• The solar food dryer : how to make and use your own high-performance, sun-powered food dehydrator, by Eben Fodor.

• The joy of keeping a root cellar : canning, freezing, drying, smoking, and Preserving the harvest, by Jennifer Megyesi

• Putting food By, 5th ed. , by Janet Greene, et al.

• Independence days : guide to sustainable food storage & preservation, by Sharon Astyk

Two Harbors Public

Library News

Library Closed Monday, Aug. 19 -- Friday, Aug. 23

Yes, you read that correctly. The Two Harbors Public Library will be closed the week of Monday, Aug. 19- Friday, Aug. 23, but don't be too discouraged. We're planning an exciting change! When you step through the front doors on Monday, Aug. 26, you will be greeted by brand new carpeting throughout the building! We're also hoping to make that one week of closing as easy as possible on everyone. For example, our bookdrop will still be accessible for returns, the website and online databases will still be fully functional, and all of our e-books, downloadable audiobooks, and e-magazines will be accessible, too. You are free to place online requests on library items throughout this time; they'll simply be delivered to the library the following week. If you don't mind carpet guys constantly walking by, you can still sit out on the front patio and use our wireless internet connection. If you really want the opportunity to keep browsing library shelving during this time, you just might consider this a great excuse to check out other area libraries, like Silver Bay or Duluth. They'd love to meet a few new faces, plus, you might find some new library books or videos you'll love!

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