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North Shore Library News: Oct. 25

Silver Bay Public Library News

Dewey Primary Part I

Are you stuck in a rut, not sure what, if anything, will be your next source of inspiration? Maybe it's time to come and spend some time wandering the aisles of your library. There's so much inspiration here. Unlike the World Wide Web, there is something deeper within that is sparked by the feel, touch, smell and sound in the pages of a book. Wander first. Start at the beginning - literally.

We still use the Dewey Decimal System as a means of keeping books filed on the shelves. Just in case you've forgotten, here's a little primer:

• The nonfiction starts with 000 for basic information such as newspapers and encyclopedias, books about libraries and the internet. The 100's cover psychology and philosophy and a lot of things we don't understand UFO's, aliens from outer space, ghosts and Bigfoot.

• The 200's are about the very big subject of religion - any and all of them. Who made us and what do we think about it?

• When we get to the 300's we start to think a little more outside of ourselves. We are now into the social sciences. Here where the subjects of law and government, jobs and money, families and holidays, and yes - folk and fairy tales are found. Socializing with fairy tales is a fine idea after dealing with government issues.

• On to the 400's and its languages and communications. You do want to communicate don't you? This is where you'll find the dictionaries and thesauruses. Here are books and media on any language you might want to learn, as well as their dictionaries. You could even study the ancient languages or create a language of your own.

Two Harbors Public Library News

Halloween Party!!!

Sponsored by the "Fiends" of the Library

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 26, from 6-8 p.m. for a FREE, family-friendly, Halloween party!

To celebrate the completion of the first phase of the library renovation project, and to help celebrate National Friends of the Library Week, we're hosting a Halloween party! Costumes are highly encouraged! Some of the planned activities include:

• A free raffle for any of our patrons who show up in costume

• A Jack-o-Lantern contest (so make sure to bring your pre-carved pumpkins!)

• Face Painting for children

• Storytelling by Rachel Nelson

• Public storytelling and readings

• Trick-or-Treating

This is sure to be a fiendishly good time for the whole family, so get your costumes together, carve up a couple of pumpkins, and come to the party!

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