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North Shore Library News: August 23

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Re-carpeting Update

Our carpet installation specialists are all here and hard at work! The old carpet is going into the dumpster and where new carpet has been laid, the floors are looking mighty fine. The place is quite a mess at the moment, but our librarians are already hard at work re-creating order in any way they can. Here is an overview of what we hope we'll have ready for when you step into our building Monday morning:

• All of the old brown carpeting has been replaced - you will now find lovely green and blue hues.

• For our computer users, the old computers have been packed off and new public access computers now adorn our computer shelves -- all running Windows 7 except for our most interesting new addition, a Mac!

• The copier is moving into a brand new copier nook by the stairs, so it's no longer hidden behind the staff desk.

• The spinning racks in the children's area are gone in favor of having all juvenile fiction shelved in the same area. This is actually a work in progress, so keep checking in to see how we plan to re-do that area when the rest of our new furniture arrives.

Another big change is that all of the upstairs fiction has now been interfiled - but don't worry, if you favor mysteries or westerns, romance or sci-fi, we have neat little genre stickers making them easy to locate. And remember, if you ever have trouble locating something, especially after the renovations and changes, just ask a staff member - we're here to help!