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North Shore Library News: June 28

Silver Bay Public Library

The Friends of the Silver Bay Public Library will be holding its annual book sale Saturday, July 13, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The library is now accepting donations of used books. (Please, no musty books, used text books, Reader's Digest condensed books or magazines.) We also accept videos in any format, as well as audio books. This year's book sale will be bigger than ever, which means lots of unpacking and sorting of books. If you can help the Friends and your library please call 218-226-4331. Volunteers will be allowed to purchase books a day ahead of time at regular book sale prices. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Keep digging into summer reading fun on July 2 at 2 p.m., with an activity: Dig into Dinosaurs and Fossils.

New books for young readers

?•Romeo and Juliet code by Phoebe Stone

•Dogs in the dead of night by Mary Pope-Osborne

•Violet Mackeral's remarkable recovery by Anna Branford

•Dark by Lemony Snickett

•Girl called Problem by Katie Quirk

•Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher

•Middle School: Worst years of my life by James Patterson

•Fatty legs: A true story by Christy Jordan-Fenton

Two Harbors Public Library

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Library Charges

Your public library is a free service, but there are charges when materials are damaged, lost, or returned late. Here are some ideas for avoiding library charges.

1. Make the library visit a weekly routine.

2. Take the same number of items each time so you always know how many to look for.

3. Borrow fewer items, but come more often to get more. Keeping track of items will be easier that way.

4. After returning materials, ask if there are any outstanding items, or check due dates online.

5. Sign up for "pre-overdue" emails to remind you of due dates, put due dates on your calendar, or set up a reminder on your cell phone or computer.

6. Keep library materials together in one place, and protect them from the dog, spills, or other possible damage. Check that the right discs are in CD and DVD cases and that all parts are present before returning games and other multi-piece items.

7. Make a habit of returning things early so there is still time if something comes up to prevent you from getting to the library.

8. Help children practice returning library materials

9. Don't check out materials for other people on your card.

10. Use the book-drop to return items if you cannot come inside the library. Put movies, CDs and audiobooks in a bag or secure them with a rubber band or padding.

If something happens to damage a library item, if something is lost, or if overdue charges have accumulated, talk to the staff. Don't just ignore it or stop coming to the library. Sometimes an arrangement can be made so you can still check out materials while making payments over time.

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