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North Shore hotel burns to ground

At about 10:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 17, fire was discovered in the rear of the Rex Theatre in the North Shore Hotel block owned by John Olson of this city. The fire was discovered by Howard O. McIlroy, who immediately turned in an alarm. At the time the fire was discovered, it had gained considerable headway and on account of the partition walls being constructed entirely of pine, as dry and inflammable as tinder, the flames spread rapidly through the building, and notwithstanding the fact that the response of the local fire department was prompt, a large part of the interior of the building was in flames before water could be turned on. During the night, Mr. P.L. Fullerton, manager of the hotel, furnished members of the fire department with hot lunch free of charge. This is the first time in the history of Two Harbors that a hotel proprietor has, without solicitation, furnished a lunch to the members of the department. This generosity and thoughtfulness in the part of Mr. Fullerton was very much appreciated and will doubtless be remembered by the boys.

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Music students present concert

A program of Christmas music given by the high school band, orchestra and glee clubs at the auditorium last Sunday was a big success and attended by a capacity audience. Everyone was loud in their praise of the work being done in the music departments, with compliments to the directors for the success of the concert. The opening numbers of the band, directed by Paul Gauche, showed marked improvement in their work and the numbers well rendered. The processional of the junior and senior glee clubs, led by Mrs. Marvel Hayes, singing the traditional carols brought out the fine Christmas spirit. The orchestra, directed by Mr. Paul Gauche, played its numbers with deep feeling and responded very readily to the different movements of their numbers, thus giving great enjoyment to the audience.


Sale of business announced

One of the major businesses in Two Harbors, the IGA Foodliner store on Seventh Street and Third Avenue, will change hands, effective Jan. 1. The business has been purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Engstrom by Don Carroll and Bill Young, both of whom have been associated with the business for some time. The store is located in a building occupied for many years by the Scandinavian Cooperative Mercantile Co. The new owners will operate under Don and Bill’s IGA Foodliner.


Silver Bay generosity to the rescue

When Santa had a hard time getting out of the Twin Cities this year, Silver Bay residents did a little scrambling and helped the old guy along. A change in the Toys for Tots program this year cut off the supply of toys that in recent years has flowed in from the Twin Cities, said Carol Martin of Silver Bay. “We heard about it right before Thanksgiving,” Martin said, “A new guy had taken over and now they’re mostly serving the Twin Cities.” So Martin and Barb Sterett put out the word, asking for cash donations or toys. The response was overwhelming. “We got a lot of toys and about $1,500 in cash,” she said. Martin and Sterett bought a wide variety of gifts and contacted the families of 135 kids. Martin said she was pleased with the generosity of area people, though not especially surprised. “It seems when times are tough, they come through for us every time,” she said.