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WKHS physics boat race

Abby Michels looks a little nervous as Mr. Walker launches the "Yellow Submarine's" second voyage, this time using the upper deck. Photo by Michelle Ketola.1 / 2
Seniors Lucas Small and Jonah Koehler and Junior Mitchell Blomberg almost make it to the finish line in the second round of the cardboard boat race at the Silver Bay Marina . Photo by Michelle Ketola.2 / 2

On Friday, Oct. 11 at the Silver Bay Marina, physics students from William Kelley High School raced their cardboard and glue boats on Lake Superior. Zach Duresky, Abby Michels and Chad Smuk were the race winners in the first ever double-decker boat. Jonah Koehler and Lucas Small were a close second in their cardboard model of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Both boats easily made the first round but had a little more trouble in round two as the Yellow Submarine added Abby Michels to the top deck and the "Fitz" picked up passenger Mitchell Blomberg.