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William Kelley volleyball team digging for wins

Photo by Ken Vogel.

Teacher and Silver Bay girls volleyball coach Tom Frericks launched a new workout program designed to get his team ready for the season ahead. On Aug. 13, Frericks had the girls shoveling dirt into a new terrace garden at the William Kelley High School football field.

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"It is our way of team building and conditioning," said Frericks.

The 40-bed terrace garden will be planted with melons, pumpkins, tomatoes and other produce. Frericks said the produce will then be used in the school cafeteria to provide healthy food for the students.

"This is an amazing idea," said team member Aubry Thyne. "Our school is going healthy and we get to work together to take part in it."

According to Frericks, the 20 yards of soil was donated for the project by Lake County. Principal Joe Nicklay, Jim Frericks and Tom Frericks built the terrace garden which will also add some visually appealing non-turf green space to the football field area.