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WEATHER: Road closings

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WEATHER: Road closings
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The Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the St. Louis County Public Works Department report these closings:

  • London Road at 43rd Street
  • I 35 between Carlton and Mahtowa
  • I 35 from Central Ave to 26th Ave East/London Road
  • Hwy 2 from I 35 to Boundary Ave (downbound only) in Proctor, right 2 lanes are closed
  • Hwy 2 from the Iron Horse Bar and Grill to the golf course
  • Hwy 23 South of Duluth
  • Hwy 23 in Fond du Lac
  • Hwy 33 in Cloquet
  • Hwy 33 at milepost 9 near Independence
  • Hwy 53 near Miller Hill Mall in Duluth
  • Hwy 61 near Silver Creek Tunnel
  • Hwy 61 at Knife River
  • Hwy 200 between Hwy 2 and Hwy 65
  • Hwy 210 completely closed through Jay Cooke State Park
  • Hwy 73 closed at four locations - reference posts 31.5, 46.3, 47.4, and 27.4 (southbound lane)
  • Hwy 65 from reference posts 107 to 112.6, closed under two feet of water
  • Hwy 2 between 220.7 through 232.0 completely closed
  • Hwy 200 between Hwy 2 and 65
  • Midway Road has been closed between Trunk Highway 2 and Interstate 35. The Midway River is overtopping the road.
  • The Blatnik and Bong bridges remained open.

    The City of Duluth is reporting these streets on the west side of the city as being closed:

  • Superior St at 34th Ave West to 40th Ave West
  • Superior St at 34th Ave West to 40th Ave West
  • Chambersburg Street to Piedmont Ave
  • Skyline Drive west of Spirit Mountain
  • Skyline Drive from 40th Ave West to Highland Street
  • Skyline Drive at 40th Ave West to 26th Ave West
  • Cody Street
  • 38th Ave West and West 5th Street, bridge washed out
  • Most gravel roads are impassable

    The City of Duluth is reporting these streets on the east side of the city as being closed:

  • Superior Street at 8th Ave E
  • Pleasant View
  • Airpark Drive
  • Skyline Drive - Kent Rd to Chester Park Drive
  • 8th Ave East
  • 1st Ave East
  • Kenwood Ave to Skyline Parkway
  • South and middle roads off Howard Gnesen
  • 9th Street bridge
  • St. Marie St. closed
  • West Arrowhead Rd off of Woodland Ave
  • 13th Ave East off of 9th Street
  • Dodge Street


  • Wisconsin Highway 13 at U.S. Highway 53 (northbound and southbound lanes) is closed. All lanes are blocked as of 8 a.m. Wednesday. The road is expected to be closed 2-3 weeks because of a culvert washout.