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Two Harbors Fishing League: Final standings

outdoors Two Harbors,Minnesota 55616
Lake County News Chronicle
Two Harbors Fishing League: Final standings
Two Harbors Minnesota 109 Waterfront Dr. 55616

Week 10 - Isabella Area

Danny's Auto/The Dixie: 24 points

CO-OP/Leinenkugel's: 10

Lake Head Constructors: 9

The Pub: 6

Ostman Trucking/The Landing: 2

Big fish: 17 inches, 1.12 pounds (Danny's Auto/The Dixie)

2014 Final Standings

Danny's Auto/The Dixie: 200.5

The Pub: 143.5

Lake Head Constructors: 139

Ostman Trucking/The Landing: 69

CO-OP/Leinenkugel's: 58

Big fish of the year: 25 inches, 5.2 pounds (Lake Head Constructors at St. Louis River)