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Silver Bay boulevard rebuild talk continues

The city of Silver Bay is still working on getting funding for the Banks Boulevard reconstruction project.

The city did not receive a $300,000 grant from Iron Range Resources, but still holds out hope for $400,000 from the Army Corps of Engineers, which could mean a turnaround on the IRR rejection.

The project could lead to assessments of $2,400 on individual properties along the street, divided up over a five or 10-year period. The number could be lower, city administrator Lana Fralich said. The early special assessment figures do not include commercial properties.

Fralich said the figures are pure speculation because the city doesn't know how much financial help they will get from other sources.

The project, expected to be designed in 2011 and constructed in 2012, could cost $2.2 million.

Among ideas thrown around were replacing the entire high pressure main that runs along the street and fixing the road while installing sidewalks and other amenities. The city is also looking at the housing in the area.

Banks is a state-aid highway, meaning its surface falls under the jurisdiction of the county. Silver Bay would be responsible for utilities under the street.

Land sale

The Silver Bay City Council officially approved purchasing two parcels behind the Mariner Motel for $19,300 Monday. The Amer-icInn, city of Silver Bay, Department of Natural Resources, Lake County, and Silver Sledders snowmobile club will put in similar amounts for the purchase. The city would ultimately own the property.

Last week the Lake County Board of Commissioners approved contributing up to $4,500 to the city of Silver Bay to purchase land needed for the continuation of the Red Dot trail.


The council approved replacing the billboard that sits across Highway 61 from Northshore Mining. The sign is owned by some local businesses as well as the city. The groups involved will help pay for the replacement. The city holds a permit for the sign.