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SB baseball wraps up season

The Silver Bay Junior League team. Front row: Chase Jasperson, Nic Reineccius, Trevor Larson, Max Andrus, Jared DeHart, Wes Monson, Thomas Rowlee. Back row: coach Spencer Tiboni, Ian Wallin, Hunter Monson, Jarred LaBerge, Jason Blood, Tanner Ketola, Nick Perfetto, coach Ward Wallin. Not pictured are Tate Poorman and Peyton Westerlund. Photo by Michelle Ketola.
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SB baseball wraps up season
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Submitted by Ward Wallin

The Silver Bay junior league baseball team finished 5-13, with the highlight being a win over first place Duluth Eastern. Leading hitters were Nick Perfetto (.386) Ian Wallin (.354) and Tanner Ketola (.346).