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The red panel truck

Photo courtesy of Infrogmation / Wikimedia Commons

Larry Sandretsky

Lake County News-Chronicle’s bard, Larry Sandretsky, has done it again.  He’s shared his thoughts on the holiday spirit with his own brand of home spun verse.

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I’ve heard an’ read some stories

‘bout a faded ole’ red panel truck

The hood’s up an’ she’s steamin’

this ole boy’s down on his luck.

Well, I just can’t leave him stranded

but it’s a stop I hadn’t planned,

“Thanks for takin’ time.” he said,

took off his glove an shook my hand.

I said, “looks like the fan belt’s broke

that’s what’s makin’ her run hot.

Part store’s just a mile or so,

they should have one like as not.”

The parts man had his coat on

an’ was just about to leave.

He winked an’ said, “I’d better help ya!

Santa watches Christmas Eve.”

But when he heard the vintage,

peered o’er the glasses on his nose,

“Hope I can help ya’ man,

long time since I sold one o’ those.”

Flippin’ through the pages

of a well-used old parts book,

Finally said “I found it!”

With an excited kind of look.

He grinned an’ said, “get outa here

the till is locked up tight,

An’ please … don’t tell no one

I was givin’ away parts tonight.”

His gaze was filled with wonder

as he watched us drive on by,

Then followed out to help,

drawn by that twinkle in the old man’s eye.

Were we just good Samaritans?

Well we’re not sure ourselves,

But I kinda like to think that we…

were part time Santa’s elves.