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Postal Service delays post office closures, including Brimson office

The United States Postal Service announced Tuesday that it has agreed to delay the closing or consolidation of any post office or mail processing facility until May 1, 2012. This includes delaying the potential closing of the Brimson Post Office, which was named as one of the facilities that the Postal Service would be evaluating.

The Postal Service said a request made by multiple U.S. Senators prompted the delay, and "hopes this period will help facilitate the enactment of comprehensive postal legislation."

The Postal Service announced this summer that it would study 3,700 offices across the country as the as the service tries to find ways to cut its budget. Around 100 Brimson area residents received letters from the United States Postal Service in October officially notifying them of the local post office's inclusion in a "discontinuance feasibility study," which means the USPS was looking into whether or not the Brimson post office should be shut down due to revenues, how much the facility was being used, and other factors.

A proposal from the USPS suggests suggests that Brimson residents could buy stamps, packages, and other items online instead of at the post office. But Brimson is nestled deep within the woods, and many residents do not have internet access. The nearest post offices are about a 30 minute drive away. At a public meeting in November, Brimson residents voiced their concerns about the post office closing and what kind of impact it could have on the community.

In addition to the public hearing, residents have until early January to get comments in to the USPS about the effects of the potential post office closure. After the public comment period, the USPS was to start analyzing those comments in order to make a decision about the post office, which could have happened early next year. However, that decision will be delayed until after May 1.

The Brimson post office employs one post master and one post master's assistant. A USPS proposal suggests the postmaster may be moved to another facility if the Brimson office is closed, but that the assistant "may be separated from the Postal Service."