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Poetry: Caroline’s House

In honor of National Poetry Month, the Lake County News-Chronicle is featuring the work of North Shore poets this month.  This week’s poet is Micky McGilligan.   

By Micky McGilligan

After the first layer comes off,

I realize we are going back in time.

Deeper into this time capsule,



2000’s sheetrock,

1960’s faux wood paneling,

1900’s plaster and lath,

Plus years and years of wallpaper,

All the patterns clear as the day they were papered over.

Hundreds of feet of 2x4s still resisting

gravity and our tools,

still holding up their share of the house.

Down to foundations so rotted

we can tear off pieces with ours bare hands.

In the end, we are back to square one:

It is one hundred plus years ago.

The lot is flat.

Some holes are being dug for cedar posts.