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Partners in Living Well: Many reasons to give thanks

Jerry Carlson and Paula safe and sound thanks to helpful community members.

One day this fall, a volunteer driver, Jerry Carlson, stopped by the Community Partners office in an elated mood and said, "I've just got to tell you about my day!" Here's his story: 

On September 11th I was a volunteer driver for the Two Harbors Community Partners Program driving a friend named Paula down to St. Luke's Hospital for her doctor's appointment. My vehicle died on the way to the appointment. I immediately called 911 non-emergency, explained the situation and was informed help would arrive in 15 minutes. While waiting for help, a woman who lived in the neighborhood came out of her home so I immediately approached her and asked her for a phone book, so I could call for help. She told me she would drive Paula to the hospital and also called her husband to come and assist me with starting my vehicle, which he did. At this time a police officer arrived and kept the traffic moving around me. 

After starting my vehicle I drove 20 blocks to a repair shop, followed by the neighbor who jumped my vehicle, as he wanted to make sure I made it to the shop. After going 17 blocks, my vehicle again died and I coasted the next 3 blocks into the driveway of the repair shop. The mechanic looked at it right away and agreed to replace the alternator while I waited. Prior to replacing my alternator, I called my wife to see if I should use my credit card, but the shop owner did not accept credit cards. He said he would put in the new alternator and I could drop a check off on Friday, which I did. On my way back to the hospital, I stopped and thanked the couple who helped me and then picked up Paula at the hospital and drove back to Two Harbors, feeling relieved and happy to have had so much help. 

The Community Partner's staff and board of directors are so thankful for dedicated volunteers like Jerry, understanding participants like Paula and helpful neighbors along the way.  

The volunteer driver program is funded this year by an Older American's Act grant available through the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, the MEDICA Foundation, the United Way of Greater Duluth, and individual contributions. For more information call 218-834-8024.