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Partners in Living Well: AGE to age Update

From Kara Nonnemacher

AGE to age intern 

If you look out towards the ore docks in Two Harbors this summer and see a cloud, it might just be fog .. but it could be a flurry of thoughts and ideas flying above the AGE to age Place in the Community Center. Summer interns Kiersten Haaversen and Kara Nonnemacher, AGE to age coordinator Chris Langenbrunner, and support staff Leah Bott and Kirsten Cruikshank continue to collaborate with local AGE to age partners to promote and encourage intergenerational activities in Two Harbors.

With more than half the summer behind us already, many projects have come to an end, but others are still in the beginning stages. The interns return to college in mid-August, but AGE to age will continue on through the school year, with much to look forward to. Here’s a summary of summer projects:

Trail Beautification Project: Two Harbors Celestial Celebrations partnered with AGE to age to beautify the Emma Trailhead, the Veterans Memorial garden, and the Depot flowerbeds by weeding, planting flowers and placing painted rocks at the trailhead.

Public Relations Workshop: On June 24, Kiersten and Kara hosted a Public Relations Workshop for local non-profit organizations. Four panel members answered questions, led discussions, and provided attendees with great information about social media, marketing, and communicating with print and television media.

Farmers Market for Kids: AGE to age, Lake County SHIP and the Two Harbors Farmers Market partnered to promote a kids’ activity booth at the Farmers Market on three Saturdays of the summer. Activities focus on seed planting, physical fitness, and healthy eating. Find the kid’s activity booths at Thomas Owens Park on July 26 and August 9.

Tech & Coffee: AGE to age offers an opportunity for seniors to meet with student volunteers who can answer questions regarding technology, including smartphones, computers, Facebook, tablets, etc. iPads are also available for use on site. Tech & Coffee is held on Mondays throughout the summer from 10-12 in the AGE to age Place.  

Walk with Ease: Community Partners, AGE to age and the Arthritis Foundation are presenting a program designed to reduce pain and improve overall health through a six-week walking program. Sessions are led by Community Partners staff members and begin on Monday, July 21 from 1-2 p.m. at the AGE to age Place.

GAB: Ecumen Scenic Shores, AGE to age, and Two Harbors High School are excited to begin a new program called GAB (Generations of Ages Bonding), which matches students involved in athletics or the performing arts with Ecumen residents wanting to attend events at the high school.

Readers will notice the word “partner” in the update quite a bit, and that’s because AGE to age couldn’t do anything without all the great partnerships formed throughout the summer. A big thanks goes out to all who have participated in AGE to age in some way or another. Regular columnists, Kirsten Cruikshank of Community Partners, and Arna Rennan of Socially Active Seniors appreciate the richness of the AGE to age partnerships this summer.