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Native daughter sponsors local bill

State Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes (DFL-Winona) discusses legislation with North Shore senators Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) and Yvonne Prettner Solon (DFL-Duluth). The State Legislature begins the 2010 session Thursday.

Having grown up in Two Harbors, state Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes of Winona is co-authoring a bill to expand the Burlington Bay Campground. Erickson Ropes is joining with Sen. Tom Bakk of Cook to request $1.25 million in state bonding dollars for this project in her hometown.

"My parents, Paul and Irene Erickson, and much of my extended family, still live in Two Harbors," Erickson Ropes said. She is a 1972 graduate of Two Harbors High School.

"Even though I now serve southeastern Minnesota, I'm still looking out for my hometown and working with area legislators to improve the community," she said.

The bill is up for consideration to be part of the Senate's bonding bill. Part of that effort is to create jobs and invest in infrastructure projects across Minnesota, Erickson Ropes said.

"With the tough economy, more families are taking Minnesota vacations, and Two Harbors is a perfect vacation destination," Erickson Ropes said. "Expanding the municipal campground will allow more families to enjoy our North Shore and spend their money in our community shops and restaurants.