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Mike Creger: Extra, extra to read all about it

A candy bar. Coffee. A pack of gum. A cheeseburger. A bottle of pop. A bottle of water.

What do these things have in common?

You can't buy them for less than a dollar these days.

That's good perspective to keep considering that next week, the News-Chronicle will cost $1 at the newsstand.

It probably won't mean a thing to you if I say most weeklies in the state are at the $1 mark. Heck, even some dailies are getting up there. It's distribution and production costs that get the bean counters nervous and this is one way of alleviating some of it.

Subscribers have nothing to worry about. You'll get the paper for what you paid until the subscription runs out. And you get a great deal even when the prices go up. In-county subscribers paid 66 cents a week for the paper compared to the 75 cents off the counter. You'll pay 70 cents an issue under the new rate.

I know many of you like to get the paper as soon as possible, when it comes in Thursday afternoons. If that's worth the extra 30 cents cost, we won't complain. Again, as seen from the examples above, $1 compared to other weekly purchases remains quite a deal. We are proud to be the only paper that thoroughly covers what goes on in Lake County.

We'll miss the honor system on the front counter strewn with quarters to break dollar bills. Maybe you can pay with fives and we'll replace the quarters with ones.

For those of you with out-of-county subscriptions, the cost per paper will be 80 cents in-state and 95 cents out-of-state. As you likely know, that barely covers the cost of mailing.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the year-long subscription savings, the prices will be $36.40 in-county, $41.60 out-of-county but in-state, and $49.40 out-of-state. That's an increase of four cents, three cents and five cents per issue, per category.

And if you make a mad dash to the office, before Thursday, you can get the current subscription rate before the increase. Please drive carefully and mind the ice on the sidewalk.

Mike is the editor of the News-Chronicle. He can be reached at 834-2141.