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Mike Creger: Come on down for the party

If you read the ads in today's edition carefully, as you should, you'll find out that we are having a little get-together here in the office next year.

I'd like to call it a party, perhaps to celebrate the return of the crossword and Suduko puzzles (8B), or even for the advent of a column from area clergy near the church service listings (3B).

It is, indeed, for all of those things because, in the end, it means the continuation of improvements in the News-Chronicle.

Thanks to everyone who has already stopped by to offer encouragement and platitudes. Even more have dropped us a note via mail or email.

But even if you have formally introduced yourself, I'll be honest, I'm terrible with names. It wouldn't hurt to stop by during the open house from 4-6 p.m. Jan. 7. We'll have more than a handshake as snacks will be served along with hot drinks and punch.

I promise to work on my face-to-name skills.

And if you've haven't been in the office in while, you'll notice changes here that parallel what you've seen in the paper.

I can't tell you enough about Shari's talent for seasonal decorations. She warms our office and customers as the first person most people meet here.

David, Matt, and even part-time graphics person Peg plan to be here to meet you as well.

I'll probably ask lots of questions, for I do my job best when informed about our audience. I'm excited to see how you've taken the paper so far and what your expectations are.

If you plan on coming, be sure to write down some suggestions or even story ideas for us. We are trying to fill out our New Year's resolution list.

Oh, and you could win in a drawing for a yearlong subscription to the paper.

That means 52 free crossword puzzles in 2010.

Mike is the editor of the News-Chronicle. He can be reached at 834-2141 or by email at