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Letter to the editor: Thanks to the plowers

From Katya Gordon, Two Harbors

As I walked out onto the breakwall this morning I was grateful — whoever had plowed the lighthouse parking lot gave an extra shove to a wall of snow facing the pier, allowing us a path out onto the pier. I felt the same gratitude a few days ago when the wall of snow that ensured a blind entrance into our alley was removed as if by magic one day, and we could once again see the road from our driveway. Plowing like that feels like a personal gift. Much as we love the untouched blinding brilliance of new snow, it is a relief when the plows come by, and it’s a service we take too much for granted. I hear about the messes that other cities get in with unexpected heavy snows, and I am grateful that our plowers are so skilled and so dedicated. It’s been a long haul and is probably not over — thank you!