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Letter to the editor: TH needs to make repairs before directing tourists downtown

From Tom Aspling

Former Two Harbors resident

A classmate of mine sent me a link to the article: Two Harbors aims to be more of a destination on Highway 61 journey (KBJR, the Northland’s News Center.)

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I think the city of Two Harbors needs to make some major repairs before directing tourists downtown.

I was born and raised in Two Harbors and graduated from THHS in 1967. My family and I moved away in the fall of 1972, but since we still had family living in town, we would always visit home several times a year. Recently my wife and I stayed at Superior Shores. On that Sunday I drove down to the breakwater. The city streets and the road to the breakwater were awful. There was somewhat of a plowed path around the parking lot at the breakwater and there was hardly room for two cars to meet in the parking lot. The two times I drove down there on Sunday I thought the front end of my vehicle was going to fall apart. The times I was there, there were about 6 to 10 vehicles in the lot.

On Monday, it was super warm (remember that?) 57 degrees. I was thinking, wow, what a great day to have a plow go through the road and parking lot and clean things up.

I drove up to Two Harbors again April 10, to pick up some items from my family. Again I drove down to the breakwater to get a few photos of the boat that was in. The parking lot by then was somewhat better. The city street, South Avenue, was still a joke. After that I decided to tour the town a bit, check out my old grade school, the different homes I lived in. I know it is common to avoid pot holes this spring, but in Two Harbors, I should have avoided entire streets. I noticed in the John A. Johnson school area, people were parking their vehicles right on the sidewalk.

It’s almost like the city streets haven’t been repaired for 25 years. If you want people to go downtown and maybe look at the docks, the trains, the breakwater and boats, I would make sure their drive on city streets doesn’t wreck their vehicles.

I guess depending on your age, downtown Two Harbors in the 60s and 70s had lots of charm. There wasn’t a vacant building downtown. Roberts Clothes, Nelson Brothers, the Surplus Store, two banks, Sonju Motors, Ray’s Shoes, Gambles, Falks Drug, James Drug, a couple of bars, Ben Franklin, etc…. Now it’s like a ghost town down there. It’s like the community has lost its desire to keep the charm it once had. Two Harbors has the location, location, location that every realtor covets, but its visual charm is wanting!

And how cool would a web cam by the docks be, people all over the world could watch ore boats coming and going, see the Edna G, the two other locomotives. What a way to show off!