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Letter to the editor: TH company Red Dog impresses

From Douglas W. Lindamood


I strive to improve our nation’s economic condition as best I can. Admittedly, my personal impact is infinitesimal, but for a number of years I’ve done my best to only purchase products made in the USA. As anyone who has attempted this will attest, more often than not it is impossible to find items actually made here. Along with the goal of purchasing American-made products, I first seek professional services from local providers.

Adhering to those goals can often be frustrating. But there are occasions when I find a local business that is comprised of true craftsmen. Tradesmen who take extreme pride in their work and the finished product. Having done due diligence and located a highly skilled and dedicated local professional, similar to those I recall from my youth, I want to sing their praises at every opportunity.

Red Dog Enterprises, located at 4309 Thomas Lake Road in Two Harbors, is an organization that truly understands what customer service is all about. Red Dog’s founder and owner is Gary Jensen, a skilled craftsman of the first order. The strongest accolade I can provide any man is that he is a gentleman. Not only is Jensen a gentleman, in every sense of the word, but his assistant maintains the same demeanor. They take unique pride in their work. Like an artist, if Jensen looks at his work and doesn’t like it, he will do whatever it takes to raise the end product up to his high standards. A prime example of this is when installing new skylights in our 15-year-old log home, Jensen was not happy with the look of the factory-provided material from inside our all-wood home. So he returned to his shop and created an all-wood interior frame that blends the skylight perfectly with our existing décor.

Besides the skylights, Red Dog Enterprises re-stained our logs and replaced areas that had suffered from water damage. Again, the work was done meticulously, meeting my every expectation and beyond.

I would not hesitate to provide Red Dog Enterprises and Mr. Gary Jensen the highest possible review and recommendation.