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Letter to the editor: Remembering Edda

From Jennifer Seagren,

Two Harbors

Edda Mealey died suddenly and unexpectedly in the early hours of Saturday, March 1, at her home north of Two Harbors. Although Edda was a petite, quiet lady she was very well known and loved in our small community. Most of her family lived either out of state or out of the country, but Edda spent almost half of her life here on the North Shore. I would like to take this moment to recognize what a wonderful person she was.

Edda was a very special person to my family. She spent many years and countless holidays with us. She was a quiet, unassuming and private person. I would like, however, to talk about her more

recent past.

Edda worked at Hugo’s General Store was nearly 20 years. It is there that many people met her and got to know her. More recently, Edda worked at True Value until retiring about a year or so ago.

Living a quiet simple life, to her family, her friends and her work, Edda gave much and asked little in return. She just wanted to enjoy the comfort of her home and garden, be able to snuggle up with her dearly loved cat, or simply read the newspaper with a good cup of coffee.

With Edda, what you saw was what you got, and what you got was a big warm smile, genuine and full of love. She was never judgmental and loved people for who they are. She was slow to anger and quick to understand and I never heard her have a cross word with anyone or criticize others. I don’t know anyone else who did either.

Edda enjoyed the outdoors, whether it be taking a quiet walk, snowmobiling, gardening or picking berries.

I am lucky enough to know some of her secret picking places, but I’m sworn to secrecy! She also enjoyed baking, canning and crocheting. Edda talked often of her family, here in the states and in Germany.

At the time of Edda’s unexpected death, she was a healthy 73- year old. She lived alone at her home and was still very active. I doubt Edda ever realized how many people she impacted in her lifetime. Cherish the memories you have of her and honor her memory by doing good things for others. This is how she lived her life and there is no better way of honoring her than by following her example.

Edda will be sorely missed, both by her family and her many friends. Although Edda was not a relative of mine, she was family. I will miss her dearly.