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Letter to the editor: More Fats, please!

From David Gustafson, Eagan

On page six of the May 30 issue of the News-Chronicle, you published a letter about Grant “Fats” Johnson. He was truly a legend in the history of Two Harbors.

The articles he wrote for the Chronicle years ago were priceless and of great interest. I request that the current News-Chronicle reprint some of those articles. I know the readership would really appreciate them. Maybe you could contact Fats in Florida and ask him if he could write another article about his memories of his good old hometown of Two Harbors. Fats is well known for his contributions to both education and athletics in Minnesota and Two Harbors.

Editors note: Please see page B1 for a column written by Grant “Fats” Johnson from the Jan. 4, 1996, Lake County News- Chronicle. We hope you enjoy it, Mr. Gustafson, and as Mr. Johnson is an avid reader of the Chronicle, we hope he’ll get a kick out of seeing his byline in print again.