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Letter to the editor: Marriage equality legislation should be supported

I support the freedom to marry bill because I believe in equality for all people whether it be in the job sector, lunch line, religious belief, or sexual orientation. I believe the love and commitment of any two people should allow them to be "next of kin" in areas of life, exactly as heterosexual couples with a marriage certificate.

My lesbian daughter has the luck to live in Norway. She and her spouse are married and as equal under the law as any married couple. They were married first in a city hall, and then exchanged vows in a church dating from the 1400's by a pastor whose brother is homosexual. The outpouring of love from the guests at this wedding was brought about through the love that these two women have for each other. It was a pebble in a lake sending its vibrations even now to the legislators of Minnesota who are trying to do the right thing by voting yes to the freedom to marry bill.

I encourage our local representatives from Lake County to support any bills opening the way for all people to marry in order to be equal under family law.