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Letter to the editor: Fix our streets

From Kenneth Kari Two Harbors

The city of Chicago is known as “the city that works.” From my vantage point, the city of Two Harbors does not work -- at least not on 15th Street.

As of this writing, tall grasses and weeds are thriving on the east side. Even worse is the higher hay growing prominently around fire hydrants and signage posts. One wonders if our city even owns a weed wacker.

People who could make a difference in the city administration either live in Duluth or elsewhere. Why should they care of a neglected 15th Street when they don’t live there?

In contrast, where residents live on the west side of 15th, the yards are maintained regularly and are immaculate.

In closing, have you tried to contact the city by phone or by letter to get small but important things done? Don’t even bother unless you want to waste your time and money.