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Letter to the editor: Clean up after pets

From Stephen Phillips Two Harbors

I am an ardent companion animal advocate.

As an active rescue participant, over the past few years I’ve been gratified to see the progressive changes in our local animal-related ordinances and to witness an upsurge in companion animal adoptions: Where we once saw the occasional dog being walked, now there are many families with multiple pets out enjoying the neighborhood.

Only three reasons exist by law that might give residents reason for complaint:

1. Unleashed pets running at large;

2. Excessive barking, causing undue disturbance;

3. Unhealthy conditions caused by uncollected fecal matter.

I wish to address No. 3.

Since the old Two Harbors High School was razed, I have mowed a strip adjacent the sidewalk (400 feet by 12 feet) for the convenience of those who walk their animals there.

Having several companions myself, I meticulously collect their waste so they’re not held responsible for the failure of others to do so. Most owners accept this legal responsibility, but a number of habitual offenders do not.

I’m no longer willing to collect the waste of others, nor — if the abusers continue — to keep the lawn mowed there.

Responsible pet ownership mandates quality food, veterinary care, supervised attention, at least modest exercise — and the prompt clean-up of waste.

It’s unfair to your pet and your neighbors to shirk that responsibility.

Above all else, complaints of such failures only serve to endanger pets, threatening their potential loss of home (of paramount concern to me).

Let’s all do our part to keep the city clean and our pets safe.

Lastly, please remember: Leash laws apply to felines, too. Their growing numbers “at large” threaten the return of feral cat problems experienced in the past.

Love your cat(s)?

Please keep them indoors or leashed. Thank you.