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Letter to the editor: Call for Heritage Days volunteers

Robin Glaser

Two Harbors

A few weeks ago the Two Harbors City Council was informed that Cheryl Sundstrom, the current chair of the Heritage Days Celebration, was stepping down, leaving us with the question: Who will take over?

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After several conversations with Ms. Sundstrom, she has agreed to continue on this year, but my concern is for what will happen to this event in the future. An event like this cannot continue without community support and by that I mean volunteers willing to lend their time, energy and talent to keeping this event going.

Heritage Days is the one event in the year that not only brings our community together, but brings home those who have moved away and want to re-connect to their home town. It is a time when we celebrate Two Harbors at its very best, welcoming those new to our community and those we have not seen for many years.

Having been the chair of the Heritage Days parade starting in 1984 and continuing for many years after, I can say from experience that it takes many people to put on this weekend celebration. There are many events during this four- day celebration and each event needs someone to be the chair or co-chair.

I know how much everybody loves to see Marty’s Goldenaires come marching down the street, but they don’t show up without someone contacting them and organizing the whole parade. Several of the groups marching in the parade each year are paid to join us. The cost of bringing the Goldenaires to Two Harbors to attend this event is more than $2000. That’s about half of the Heritage Days budget.

I am asking this community to get involved. Please consider giving something back to our community — your time, your talent, your ideas — all are welcome.

If you want to get involved please contact Cheryl Sundstrom or me and help us keep this event going for years to come.