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Letter to the editor: Attorney speaks out against appointed positions

From Mitch Costley, Two Harbors

The Lake County Auditor and the Lake County Recorder have been elected positions in this county for more than 100 years. The Lake County Board of Commissioners has moved one step closer to making the auditor and recorder positions appointed by the county board. All this consolidation does is to give the county board more power over county officials who have previously been independent of the board’s control. The auditor and recorder should remain elected and independent county officials.

Appointing the auditor and recorder completely eliminates the right of any citizen of the county to run and be elected to these positions. If the rule is “that it will allow them (the county board) to choose the most qualified candidate and have continuity in the positions,” then none of the county board members should have been elected. They had no experience running a county government before their election.

As a former Lake County Attorney, I can only stress how important it is to have as many county positions filled by elections of the voters of Lake County as possible — a very necessary check and balance on county government.

The county board has scheduled a meeting to discuss whether or not to make the auditor and recorder jobs appointed by the board. This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 18 at 6 p.m. in the Lake County Law Enforcement Center, Two Harbors. Go to the March 18 meeting and let the commissioners know you are against their plan to appoint the auditor and recorder.