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Lake Co. Past: April 11


More snow?

Another snowfall last night. Hope the weather man will get everything out of his system and give us some spring weather soon. A few of the most enthusiastic autoists were out with their cars just this last Sunday. It will be some time before the roads will offer much inducement for auto trips. However, Dr. Wagner has purchased a Buick runabout and will make good use of the machine for making his city and country calls.


Roller rink at park pavilion

Chas. J. Wilson of Moose Lake, who made application for a license to operate a roller skating rink and asked permission to use the park pavilion for a rink, was granted his request by the City Council on Monday night. Skating will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 11 o’clock. Deputies will be hired for each night.


Rescue squad set for smelt season

The Silver Bay Rescue Squad will have skin divers and first aid men stationed at Beaver and Split Rock rivers at the peak of smelting season (Friday through Sunday evenings. The village of Silver Bay has donated a new rescue truck. A total of 17 active members of the squad will be participating in this service. Offering a word of caution to all smelters to be especially careful , they add that caution be used in knowing your capacity for the amount of smelt being transported over difficult or inclining trails. Remember, they said, it is later, darker and steeper on the way out.


Experienced drivers go back to school

A lot of people complain about older drivers but thanks to a nationwide program, those older drivers may be safer on the highways than the complainers. 33 people from Two Harbors completed the eight-hour 55 Alive/Mature Driving program. Information provided includes adjusting response time and vision and interaction with other drivers. Stories too are shared including one about an elderly man whose car was stalled and the driver behind him honking his horn in frustration. Finally the elderly man approached the honker and said: “I’d be happy to honk your horn a while, if you will start my car.”