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Kids essays: How can I show my pride in being an American?

Winners of American Legion essay contest reflect on national pride

Chloe Hietala

Grade 6, THHS

You can stand up for freedom! You can volunteer at the Veterans Homes also you can at Veterans Hospitals and ask them if there is anything you can do to help them. Keep up on the U.S. current events. You can also ask your parents to get a flag and hang it if you don’t have one already. You can thank the army soldiers if you see them or if your family has served the army thank them for surving are country!! And when you volunteer in Veterans Home and Veterans Hospital you could help by taking them on walks asking them if they need help with anything or Read to them, Sing, and even talking to them they would propaly Love that. And when you keep up with the United States current events think about when your older and the decisions like who your going to vote for and stuff like that. You can celebrate the 4th of July and participate. Know the national anthem or learn it if you don’t know it yet, know the Pledge of alligence or learn it. Buy some of your stuff from U.S.A. Tell people about how you can help being a American. Being Thankful for your freedom and Thankful for your life and what you have. following the laws! If you follow the law’s you would be a good citizen and a good American. Doing just some of these is being an good american, Doing just a little is making a big Difference!!

Trevor Hanson

Grade 4, Minnehaha Elementary

I can show my patriotism towards my country by living by the American Army saying “Be all that you can be!” and being all that I can be by learning the history and current events of my country, The United States of America!

As an American, Land of the Free, I can show my pride towards the USA by helping my parents hang the flag of the USA until I am old enough to own and hang my own flag. I also participate in celebrating the 4th of July, (our Independence Day) with my family and fellow American citizens while watching the fireworks and enjoying a good cookout with my family.

I respect my country by knowing my countries history, and also know and practice our American anthem “The Star Spangled Banner.” I too believe in and respect those Americans whom choose to join the armed forces and help protect and preserve our country and our freedom!

I hope to one day follow in my great grandpa’s foot steps and join the armed forces. He was in the Air Force and I would like to help serve and protect America and all its beauty by joining the US Army and hopefully get into the Green Beret’s.

See page B1 for a photo of Chloe and Trevor receiving their awards.