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Getting tired of Waterfront Drive construction?

Road crew members Logan Saline, left, of Duluth and Cloquet's Jamie Halverson, both of Sinnott Blacktop, put the finishing touches on the blacktopping of Waterfront Drive. All that is left is replacing trees and stripping the road. Photo by Robin Washington

There's no doubt the Waterfront Drive construction has been a nuisance to many in Two Harbors, but relax. The anxiety attack should subside sometime next week, when cars will be allowed to roll on the road again.

Lake County Engineer Al Goodman said the construction crew working on the project will put the finishing coat of blacktop on, barring weather issues.

"Everything has gone on budget," Goodman said at a County Board meeting this week. "The city is doing a good job [as well]."

The project is slated to be done by Oct. 15 -- ahead of schedule, even though it started later than expected.

"It was a well-designed project," Goodman said of the quick construction.

The work crews did run into a small hiccup along the way, discovering coal vaults beneath the old drug store downtown, which ran under some of the construction. A local contractor was hired to take care of the problem.

Many of the trees along the route have been cut down, including some of near the band shell where the road was widened. They will, however, be replaced.

The project includes widening some sections of the road by two feet, replanting smaller trees and establishing ornamental lighting.