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Gert’s Dirt: Garage storage

From Donna Bellino 

The garage is a wonderful place to store things. One can save money by buying in bulk or when on sale.  Here is a list of common items  that should NOT be stored in your garage. 

  • Food.  Canned food does not store well in the fluctuating temperatures we have here in the north country. If the temperature varies from hot in the summer to freezing in the winter, store your canned goods in the pantry. Dry food items such as cereal, flour and sugar  will draw pests such as mice and insects. Drinks including soda, beer and wine can also spoil in high heat conditions. Freezing can cause containers to burst.
  • Paint. Freezing or too much heat can destroy the paint. This includes varnish, stain and sealer.
  • Propane tanks. If they get a leak and you start your can engine, it can cause an explosion. Store them outside.
  • Opened paper products could make a wonderful mouse nest! It draws insects too.  Keep paper products in a plastic bin sealed tightly. Cardboard boxes draw unwanted pests so always use plastic bins with a good sealing lid.
  • Electronics. Moisture, heat and cold will damage them.
  • Pictures, photographs and paintings. Again extreme heat and cold along with condensation can destroy precious keepsakes. 

So what things SHOULD you keep in the garage? 

  • Tools and workbench.
  • Car maintenance supplies.
  • Gardening tools, hoses,  potting soil and fertilizers. Flower pots.
  • Bikes and sporting equipment.
  • Trash cans and recycling bins. Keep the lids securely in place.
  • Lawn furniture.
  • Holiday decorations sealed tightly in plastic containers.
  • Dog and cat food can be stored there if poured into a sealed plastic container and used within a months’ time. Sweep up any spills right away to keep mice from storing it in your car engine.
  • Lawnmower or snow blower depending on what season is upon us.  
  • Cars. Motorcycles. Four wheelers. Boats. Snowmobiles.

Donna Bellino is a Registered Nurse and owner of Gertie's Cleaning and Home Service. I care for you, your health, and your home. Gertie's: Naturally Clean!